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CPR Guide For Nursing Assistants

Every good certified nursing assistant should be proficient at cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). To become skilled and certified at CPR you will need to practice on dummies with an instructor, but this will give you the basics so that you will already have some understanding of what you are doing when you take the class. Serious […]

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CNA Training – Taking Vital Signs

When you are train to be a CNA, you will learn about taking vital signs.  This will be an important part of your day when you are working as a certified nursing assistant.  You will help to monitor a patient’s vital signs throughout your shift. You will learn the procedure for taking vital signs when […]

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Paid CNA Training

Paid CNA training can mean one of two things. It can refer to certified nursing assistant courses that you must pay for rather than receiving for free.  The term paid CNA training, can also refer to the opportunity to get paid while you are training to become a nursing assistant. Paid Courses If you are […]

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