Duties: Hospital CNA

Some states hire certified nursing assistants to work in hospitals.  If you work as a certified nursing assistant in a hospital, you will keep busy throughout the day.  One of your main tasks will be to help keep patients comfortable throughout your shift.  You will really be able to help the nursing staff when working as a CNA.

There are some hospitals that have CNAs working in the emergency rooms.  If you work as a nursing assistant in an emergency room, you might help to do the intake for patients who are not seriously injured or ill.  You might very well be one who takes and records a patient’s blood pressure, temperature, heart rate and other vital signs when they come into the ER.  You might be the person to take down some information about the patient and about why they are in the ER.

If you work as a nursing assistant in an Emergency Room, you will probably be asked to take some of the non-critical patients to a room.  You can help a patient to get changed to be evaluated by the doctor.  You might be asked to hook up the automatic blood pressure monitor and to complete related duties.  Throughout a patient’s, time spent in the ER, you are likely to be asked to continue monitoring their vital signs.  You will receive details about how to respond if a patient has a signification change in their vital signs.

It is likely that you will respond to patient call balls if you are working as a CNA.  You will not always be able to assist patients with their needs.  This depends on whether they need something for comfort or have a medical concern.  If there is a medical concern, you will then need to call on a nurse or doctor.  There are some things you can help a patient with, however.  You can get them a blanket if they are cold, bring them a drink of water and perform other tasks that will make them more comfortable.

You will likely be called on to help take patients for X-Rays and such if you are working as a CNA.  Sometimes you might even be asked to help assist a doctor or a nurse.  Of course, you will primarily be completely non-medical tasks.

Your duties as a CNA working on an impatient floor of a hospital will be similar to those of one working in an ER.   You will help to record vital signs, help to keep patients comfortable and answer call bells as you are able.  You might also be the person who helps transport patients to other areas of the hospital when necessary.   Your role as a nursing assistant in a hospital can certainly be one that is very important.  The exact tasks and duties that you must complete in a hospital setting will depend on the hospital where you work.  They will also be affected by the regulations for certified nursing assistants in your state.

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  1. alyssa December 4, 2012 at 6:07 pm #

    Can you work there if you are still in high school?

  2. Nina May March 6, 2013 at 4:31 am #

    This all depends on the location of where you are interested in working at. Ask the particular place on where employment is and what their regulation are and so forth.

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