CNA Training Program Information

If you are interested in a career as a certified nursing assistant (CNA), you will want to consider CNA training programs available to you.  As a nursing assistant, you will help the nursing staff provide care and compassion for patients.  There are a variety of ways to train to become a nursing assistant.  You should take some time to search for the program that best fits your need and your budget if you are completing a program that charges tuition.

Some vocational schools and community colleges offer certified nursing assistant programs.  These programs can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months depending on the complexity of the program.  CNA programs through a community college are usually non-credit courses that prepare you for the examination to become a CNA.

There are nursing homes and other healthcare facilities that will provide hands on training for individuals who want to become a nursing assistant.  You can attend one of these programs in preparation to receive your certification as a nursing assistant.  Sometimes these programs will be designed for people who have already been hired for employment as a CNA for the facility.
It is sometimes possible to pay a fee to take a CNA program at a hospital or nursing simply to become a certified nursing assistant (This means you will not necessarily become employed by the facility).  These programs will usually offer you both classroom and clinical training experience so that you can then take the test to become a nursing assistant.

The Red Cross in your area might offer a CNA training program.  Many local Red Cross programs offer comprehensive CNA training programs.  You will complete both the skills and classroom portion of the training.  After which time, you will take an examination in order to receive your certification.

There are times when you might be able to complete some of your CNA training online.  There are some programs that will help you to complete some of your CNA training online.  Of course, your hands on experience cannot be completed online.  That will need to be completed at a hospital or continuing care community in your area.

Search for CNA training programs that are fully accredited in your area.  You should be able to check with your state to ensure that a program is fully recognized in your state.  This is important so that you will be able to work as a certified nursing assistant.  Keep in mind that there might be some programs that will train you to be a nursing assistant but will not result in certification.

In some settings, you do not need to be certified to work as a nursing assistant.  In those cases, you might be considered a nurses aid or a home health aide.  Your duties can differ from those of a certified nursing assistant.  This is why it is important to evaluate each nursing assistant program so that you know what you are receiving.

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