CNA Training Schools

If you want to begin working as a certified nursing assistant, you will first need to complete all necessary training. This means you will be looking for a good CNA school.  There are usually many options available to you if you want to train to become a nursing assistant.

One of the best options for CNA school, is to take the American Red Cross CNA Training.  They offer a superb certified nursing aide program in 36 different locations throughout the country.  Students seem to be among the best prepared to take the certification after completing coursework and clinical training through the American Red Cross.

Allied health colleges are another good choice if you are looking for good CNA schools.  These types of schools typically offer diploma, certification and Associate’s Degree.  They are a good choice if you want to start a career in the health field but do not want to go to school for a long length of time.  You can locate fully accredited colleges offering excellent nursing assistant classes.

You can also attend regular community colleges if you want extensive CNA training.  Some of these programs will even offer you the opportunity to learn some nursing assistant specialties so that you have higher earning potentials.  Take your time so that you find an educational option at a school that best meets your needs, budget and schedule.

Many nursing schools also offer training for those who want to become certified nursing assistants.  A nursing school provides another one of the best ways to train for a career as a nursing aide.  You will be well prepared for your certification testing as well as your career after completing a course through a nursing school.  You should contact any nursing schools in your area to determine which ones offer programs for people who want to study to become nursing assistants.

Although it is not a school itself, many nursing home facilities and some other healthcare facilities also offer CNA training.  Many of these places like to offer in house training to new employees.  This is a good way to prepare people for certification while also having the opportunity to teach students what it is like to work in that particular facility and healthcare setting.

You should search online for reviews on any nursing assistant schools of interest in your area.  This will provide you with a good way to find those schools that are most reputable.  You can also contact the nursing aide registry in your area to verify that a nursing assistant school of interest is fully accredited.

The cost for attending nursing assistant schools in your area will probably also affect your decision.   In some cases, you might be able to receive some forms of financial aid to help pay for your classes.  If you are a displaced worker, it might also be possible to receive help to cover the cost of your training.  Look into any options available to you in order to find the best choice for your nursing assistant training needs.

4 Responses to CNA Training Schools

  1. Monique February 24, 2010 at 8:28 pm #

    What questions do you ask a CNA training program to choose the best program for you?

  2. Admin February 24, 2010 at 8:39 pm #

    Hi Monique, There are a number of considerations:
    – Is the program accredited? If it isn’t then you won’t be able to take the certification test for that particular state.
    – Does the program offer classes at a time that you can attend?
    – Does the program help you with job placement?
    – Is the skills training hands on? As in.. are you trained in a hospital like environment?

  3. Barbara April 21, 2010 at 8:27 pm #

    How do I go about getting the right training and how to find the best school for me in my area?

    • Admin June 2, 2010 at 8:30 pm #

      Hi Barbara,
      There are three things I’d look for in a good school
      1) Hands on training (a MUST!)
      2) Classes on times that suit your schedule
      3) Accredited by the nursing board of your state.

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