Free CNA Training From Your Employer

Individuals who are already working in the nursing field but who have not become fully certified nursing assistants may be able to take advantage of programs offered through you employer.  Depending on where you work, there are a number of ways that you can complete your training as a certified nursing assistant through your employer.

If you are already employed by a health care provider who would benefit from your training as a certified nursing assistant, you should begin by approaching your employer directly.  Many employers offer programs that pay for your training if you agree to work for that employer for a certain amount of time after you graduate.  These tuition reimbursement programs are a great way for you to complete your training while you work.  If your employer does not already have a program in place, think about how you could suggest such an arrangement.  Due to the demand for certified nursing assistants, many employers may agree to such an arrangement.

The US Government offers programs that provide reimbursement for the cost of training certain employees, including certified nursing assistants, through Medicare.  One of the ways employers are able to take advantage of this program is through the law that states that all employees who work as home health care aides must pass a competency test.  Another program that you may be able to use to get training is the National Association for Home Care and Hospices’ volunteer certification training- essentially, if you volunteer in a home or hospice care setting, you may be eligible for free training that you can then use to gain paid employment.  There are a number of different types of employers that are eligible for reimbursement through Medicaid for placing employees in certified nursing assistant training programs.  If you think your employer may qualify, you should start by contacting your State Board of Nursing to find out more about the program.

For people who are interested in becoming certified nursing assistants that are not already working in a health care field, there are ways to earn your certification through your employer.  For example, many hospitals, particularly those in large urban areas, offer on the job training for certified nursing assistants which makes them eligible to take the state certification exam.  This can be a great way for you to complete your training while working full time.  Upon completing your job, you will have a guaranteed position at the hospital where you earned your training.  Nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities, and assisted living communities are another employer that often offers free training for certified nursing assistants.  You can start by contacting local nursing facilities and asking if they offer either paid training or tuition reimbursement programs upon completion of the program.

There are other employers who may be looking for certified nursing assistants and would be willing to pay for your training.  Don’t forget to look at employers including schools, correctional facilities, large fabrication plants, arenas, or any other place where there are large numbers of people.  If you want to complete your training as a certified nursing assistant, start by talking to your employer about how becoming a certified nursing assistant will benefit both you and your company.

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