What You Learn In A CNA Class

You have decided to start a new career as a certified nursing assistant.  Now are you wondering what you learn in a CNA class.  You will need to enroll in a CNA class to provide you with the education you need to successfully pass the certification exam for certified nursing assistants.

There will be several different aspects of a CNA class.  You will receive some textbook style instruction.  For example, you will probably learn some basic Anatomy and Physiology and related sciences.  You will be taught some medical terminology.  It might also be necessary to practice some writing skills since you will be doing charting and paperwork as a nursing assistant

Before you do your hands on training to become a CNA, you will learn and practice tasks through skills training.  You will most likely need to complete basic lab training.  In addition, you are likely to do some role playing where you will practice some basic skills needed to be a nursing assistant.  You will also take turns being the patient so that you can learn what it is like to depend on others for certain aspects of your care so that you can have a better view of what your patients are thinking and feeling.

Instructional DVDs might be used to help you practice certain tasks and to show you how they are completed.  Nothing will teach you as much as your clinical experience.  During your hands on studies, you will watch nurses and nursing assistants perform a variety of tasks.  You will then get to try some of the duties that you will be performing as a nursing assistant.

When you are in a CNA class, you will learn to take patient’s vital signs including blood pressure and pulse rates.  You will be taught how to monitor and document a patient’s intake of fluids and food.  Your class will teach you how to document information in a patient’s chart and complete other paperwork.

In a CNA class, you will learn how to move patients in their bed.  You will learn how to change patients who are not able to toilet on their own.  Your course will teach you how to properly bathe a patient.  You will also learn how to move patients throughout the facility by bed or by wheelchair.  The course will teach you how to assist patients who are unable to walk well on their own.
During CNA training, you will learn how to dress wounds and how to bandage bed sores.  You will also learn how you can help to reduce the risk of bedsores for patients.  You will be taught about various warning signs to watch out for that will require you to get help from other healthcare providers for your patient.

The course will teach you how to help a patient maintain their sense of dignity when they are ill.  You will learn how to maintain a patient’s privacy.  The course will help you to learn the best way to communicate with patients and to work with their family.  You will learn how to become a critical part of the healthcare team.

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