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Travelling CNA jobs are generally for nursing assistants who work in home health settings.  They travel to a patient’s home rather than working in a healthcare facility.  Some travelling CNAs will have more than one client while others will work with the same person each day.  Travelling nursing assistants might work in the daytime or even at night.

There are many types of CNA jobs.  Some nursing assistants work with individuals who are terminally ill.  They provide basic care for those patients while trying to make them feel comfortable.  Nursing aides who work with terminally ill patients will need to provide compassion and understanding to the loved ones of their clients as well.  These nursing assistants will sometimes provide some basic household duty services in addition to the nursing care.

Many travelling CNA jobs are for nursing assistants who work with people who have disabilities or long-term illnesses.  Clients can be children, young adults and older adults.  The certified nursing assistants will work with individuals with varying levels of health conditions.  Some people need a lot of care while others simply need help with certain tasks each day.  There are some clients who will need some companionship in addition to their medical care help.

Some travel jobs through home health agencies involve working with elderly people who live in their home.  These individuals might need some help with certain tasks through the day or might need help all day long.  Some clients might live with family members and need some basic care services while their loved ones are at work.  Travelling  jobs are sometimes available through agencies for the elderly as well.

Travelling CNA jobs do not always involve working in the homes of clients.  There are some agencies that hire CNAs to travel to different healthcare and nursing care facilities in their local area.  These jobs allow CNAs to work at more than one facility.  A CNA might be called to a continuing care community to work one day when the center is understaffed due to one or more nursing assistants being ill.  The CNA might be sent to another nursing home the following day to help if there is an increase in residents at the facility.

Travelling  jobs can be very rewarding.  Nursing assistants have the opportunity to provide kind and passionate care for more than one patient.  Their jobs can be challenging as they travel from home to home or place to place for work.  It is not likely to ever be boring when working as a travelling CNA.  There can be the potential to earn a hire salary working as a travelling CNA.

A travelling job can be found by searching classified ads in the newspaper.  They can also be located by searching online classified ads.  People interested in this type job position can also apply for employment with home health agencies.

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