Why CNA Certification Matters

A certified nurse aide is a nursing assistant who has received formal training.  If you want to become a certified nurse aide, you will need to complete an accredited training program and pass the exam for certification.

There is a difference between a nurse aide and a certified nurse aide.  A certified nurse aide has received certification that is approved by the state.  They are registered with the State Board of Nursing as a certified nursing assistant.  These credentials are higher than those of a nurse aide who is not certified.

A nurse aide who is not certified will not be able to perform all the duties of a certified nursing assistant.  A nurse aide might be someone who works in a hospital taking vital signs (with few other duties) or working in an assisted living community where an individual needs a little help but is otherwise able to function on their own.

A certified nurse aide will generally earn more money than one who is not.  They often have more employment opportunities than a nurse aide who is not certified.  A certified nursing assistant can work in the skilled nursing section of a continuing care community.  They can work in a variety of home health settings.  Some states even allow certified nursing assistants to work in doctor’s offices.

It is sometimes possible to start out as nurse aide and then receiving training for certification.  Some healthcare facilities will hire someone to work as a nurse aide in a department for which they qualify.  The person can then take the time necessary to complete certification training and testing in order to move on to another department.

If you are currently working as a nurse aide who is not certified, you might want to consider going for your certification.  This is especially true if you enjoy your career as nurse aide.  You will have a higher earning potential and more employment opportunities after you complete your certification.

There are certification programs offered by many healthcare facilities.  You can also find training programs through dozens of chapters of the American Red Cross.  Some community colleges and allied health colleges offer training programs for those who want to be a certified nurse aide.  There are even some online courses for people who want to become a nursing assistant.

You will complete classroom lectures and studies as well as hands on experience to train for a nursing assistant.  A course will teach you about the various tasks you will need to complete as a nursing aide.  You will learn how to do your work safely and effectively.  The course will help you learn how to interact well with patients.

After you have completed all required coursework, you will need to take the certification test.  This test will include a written section as well as a procedural section where you will demonstrate several certified nursing assistant tasks.  Once you complete the certification exam, you can then become a certified nursing aide and start your new career.

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