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Must Have CNA Courses

Why should you continue your educational training?  Because there are skills that you learn from taking extra courses, and other skills that you learn from experience.  You’ll learn to master these skills from experience working in the field, which will leverage your ability to perform outstanding work. A great CNA is an invaluable addition to […]

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Making yourself stand out can help your career advancement and promotion prospects

How To Stand Out As A CNA

Being a CNA can feel like the most thankless job in the world. You do a ton of work, much of it that makes your body ache and your mind spin by the end of the day, you don’t get paid what you’re worth and no one seems to appreciate that you do your job […]

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Not showing up for work without calling in could get you fired immediately!

4 Ways You Can Get Yourself Fired As A CNA

As with any job, as a CNA you have to perform your duties properly and competently in order to stay employed. In the medical field there is very little margin for error, but as humans we are bound to make a mistake here and there. There are certain things that nursing assistants can get away […]

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The New CNA’s Survival Checklist

Every new nurse needs a survival checklist.  Let’s face it; although you may have been expertly educated, you may not be prepared for some things.  In a seminar I once attended, the RN described how unprepared she felt her first few weeks out of nursing school.  Although you may be able to fill out a […]

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It isn;t so hard to look awesome while at work!

7 Ways To Look Great At Work As A CNA

Scrubs may be comfortable, but they are far from glamorous work attire.  I see RN’s and CNA’s try and dress up their uniforms all the time.  They fasten cute pins to their shirts; they wear colorful shoes or festive socks.  I’ve even seen some dress up their name badges. We forget that it’s not so […]

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How to avoid getting drowned in an endless stream of patients

The Best Way to Handle Your Patient Load

For a new CNA, working in a nursing home can be a terrifying experience. The workload can be extremely overwhelming to a newbie and knowing where to start can be difficult to determine. There are meals, bathes, dressings and a whole slew of other job duties that must be taken care of in the course […]

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Worried nurse or woman doctor getting bad news

Working With Other CNA’s

Having spent almost 13 years as a CNA, I have run into many issues; some were run of the mill and others were pretty unusual. Some were downright uncomfortable! (What are you supposed to say when you walk in on two patients having sex?) But, even through all the experiences that I have had with […]

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