Verification Of A CNA License

To understand how the verification process is for a CNA license it is important to have a brief overview of the CNA licensing process. When you start on the path to a career as certified nursing assistant, you will need to complete CNA training.  After completion of an accredited course, you will need to take the certification licensing exam.  You will not become a licensed certified nursing assistant until you pass that examination.  At that time, you will complete all necessary states (as set forth by the licensing division in your state) to receive your license and license number.

Once you receive your license, you can start to apply for a position as a nursing assistant.  In order to maintain your license, you will need to complete the renewal process each year or so depending on your state.  In some cases, you might start to work as an aide who is not required to be certified.  You might take time off from your career or simply forget about the renewal timeframe.  If any of those things occurs, it might be necessary to verify if your license is still valid or not.

Verifying Your CNA License

·    Visit the National Nurse’s Aide Registry website to find contact details for the CNA licensing office in your area.  Search for the office for your state and area in order to find the telephone number and mailing address.

·    Make certain that you are not able to verify your license and certification online.  The nursing aide registry for some states allows you to check the database of licensed nursing assistants directly online. If you live in one of these states, you can enter your name to find your licensing information and to determine if your license is still valid.

·    Prepare to make a trip the local CNA licensing and registry office if you cannot verify your certification online.  Write down your license number and the date it was issued if you have a copy of your old license.  If for some reason, you do not have this information, you will want to take your social security number and photo identification with you so that your identify can be verified.

·    If you are unsure as to what information you will need in order to obtain your licensing information, you should contact the local registry office before visiting them in person.  You will be required to pay a small fee when you contact the local office for CNA licensing verification.

·    You can obtain a new copy of your license and certification if it is necessary.  Copies can generally be sent to your email address.  If you have your license emailed, you will want to print it out so that you have a copy to keep on file.  You can also opt to have a copy of your license sent to your home mailing address.  It can take a week or two for you to receive your license if you have it sent this way.
Do not forget to have your license transferred to another state if you are moving.  Keep in mind that licensing requirements can vary from state to state.  There might be steps that you need to take in order to have your license be valid in a new state.

If you want to pay more money, you can use a third party verification company in order to verify your licensing information.  This is something you might do if you cannot go to the local licensing office in person for some reason.  Of course, potential employers will go through the steps that they see necessary to verify your license.

5 Responses to Verification Of A CNA License

  1. Lynda Rose March 2, 2010 at 12:55 pm #

    If I have allowed my certification to expire… how do I get recertified??

    • Admin March 2, 2010 at 1:21 pm #

      Hi Lynda, You should contact the Licensing body in your area(you can get it from visiting the nurse aide registry website for your state). They will then guide you on the recertification process. Depending on how long you’ve allowed it to expire, you might need to take CNA training and/or a certification test again.

    • Stephen Pacey June 22, 2011 at 3:49 am #

      you have to start all over and take a nurse aide training program… red cross is a good place.. then you have to retake your state test

  2. shelly June 21, 2010 at 6:05 pm #


    I’m transfering my license from Oregon to Washington. They told me that it usually takes 4-6 weeks to be processed. But I am applying for a job in the next week. Am I allowed to work for the period of time that my license is in processing? Also once I transfer my license to washington is it still active in Oregon?

    • Admin July 5, 2010 at 4:32 am #

      Hi Shelly, Most states allow you to work while your CNA license is being transferred. You should however confirm with the Washington board of nursing. As far as the validity of your license in Oregona goes, you will lose it since you will not be able to fulfill the minimum working hours every year in that state for renewal.

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