Resources to Help Find a Job as a CNA

Even in the midst of a troubled economy, there is still a strong demand for qualified certified nursing assistants. The large number of baby boomers that are requiring care are fueling this continual need for CNAs.

A certified nursing assistant plays a crucial role as a vital member of the healthcare team. CNAs are directly responsible for ensuring basic healthcare needs in a variety of settings such as: hospitals, nursing homes, community health care facilities, clinics, and in private homes.

After training and successful completion of the CNA exam, you will need to determine what type of facility that you want to work at. Keep in mind some of the following options when choosing your preferences:

  • Choose your environment – Do you want to work in a large or small facility?
  • Choose your location – Do want to work in the city you live in now or would you rather relocate?
  • Type of facility – What type of facility are you best suited for? Talk to CNAs in a variety of settings; this will help you clarify your preferences.

Employment Resources

Now that you have picked the type of facility you want to work at, it’s time to research your opportunities for employment. As a qualified CNA, you have several options that are readily available for you during your job hunt:

Staffing Agencies

A CNA staffing agency can assist you in your search for employment. A staffing agency can help you find the ideal job in the setting of your choice.

A qualified staffing agency can offer you benefits such as:

  • Flexibility in the amount of hours you work.
  • Type of setting, where you work
  • Location of employment
  • Convenient way to find jobs

The role of the staff agency is to fill both full and part-time positions along with temporary and hard to fill vacancies in a wide variety of healthcare facilities. The agency will also consider your qualifications and match them up to the correct institution.


During your job search, don’t forget the simple, yet effective concept of networking. Talk to other prospective CNAs and find out what resources they are using for their job search.

Seek out other working CNAs. They are often equated with the needs and “inside scoop” of their places of employment. They may also know somebody in human resources that may have potential information about current or future vacancies.

Networking is also a viable resource for a new CNA to discover the pros and cons of the different types of medical settings and environments. If you decide later in your career to pursue other advanced nursing options, networking will be a valuable resource to help propel you in your search for additional training and employment opportunities.

Pound the Pavement

If you are the type of person that feels comfortable taking the job search into your own hands, this is another very viable opportunity for you to uncover that perfect job.

Visit local hospitals, nursing homes, or whatever type of setting you choose. Sometimes, a position has not been publicly advertised or is just getting ready to become available. This proactive search will help you get a leg up on the competition.

Don’t forget to visit the career centers of vocational schools. Talk to your school’s counselor about potential resources regarding the job process. Some schools have dedicated programs that help to place recent graduates in positions at local employers.


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