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Differences Between A CNA and A Medical Assistant

Certified nursing assistants (CNAs) and medical assistants (MAs) are both in the business of helping people. These two career paths may have some similarities, but they are also different in many ways. Kind of like police officers and firemen- they both wear uniforms and help people, but the job description and responsibilities are uniquely different. […]

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Starting Your Career as a CNA

You’ve just completed your CNA training. What now? Well, the good news is that you are trained in one of the most in-demand fields today. According to the United States Department of Labor, excellent job opportunities are available to CNAs, and employment for trained CNAs is projected to grow faster than average. Due to the […]

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How to be a Good CNA

I have had the opportunity to work with many CNA’s in my career as a care provider and I have given my respect to a few and have lost respect for many.  A CNA’s job is hard but full of rewards and joys.  It can also be filled with unnecessary hardships imposed by other CNA’s […]

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Differences between a CNA and a Home Health Aide

On the surface, the differences between CNA work and Home Health Aide work may not be immediately apparent, upon closer inspection, the lines begin to become more defined.  In some cases a home health agency will use only CNA’s as HHA’s because they can do more by law, when required.  Depending on the facility or […]

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The roles of an LPN and CNA may differ, particularly with what kind of duties both are allowed to perform

Differences Between a CNA and an LPN

When receiving healthcare or choosing it as a prospective career it is good to know the differences between a CNA and an LPN. The tasks and responsibilities performed by these two professionals are unique. Though both are functional parts of the collective nursing team, their jobs and expertise are quite different and the care they […]

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How Much Can You Earn as A CNA

The annual earnings of a Certified Nursing Assistant cannot be easily determined, as a variety of influences factor in to determine the pay rate. The income one can expect to earn working as a CNA varies with the location in which you are employed and how much experience you have.  Other things which influence pay […]

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Why Become A CNA

CNAs are the foundation of the nursing team.  If you’re thinking “Why become a CNA” there are a lot of compelling reasons you ought to consider. As CNA you have the opportunity to meet your personal job fulfillment needs on many levels, professionally, intellectually and emotionally. A CNA is a Certified Nursing Assistant.  CNAs are the […]

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CNA’s Needed Everywhere

Certified nursing assistants, or CNAs are integral members of any nursing team. They are a nurse’s eyes and ears, observing patients so that nurses may spend time working on more specialized procedures. Health care is a profession that can take a professional in a wide variety of directions, working in various different settings to provide […]

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Become A CNA in 5 Easy Steps

It is not overly difficult to become a certified nursing assistant.  You will need to be motivated and to care about others in order to work successfully as a CNA.  A certified nursing assistant provides basic (generally non-medical) care for patients and clients in healthcare and home health settings.  There are five easy steps you […]

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