Why Become A CNA

CNAs are the foundation of the nursing team.  If you’re thinking “Why become a CNA” there are a lot of compelling reasons you ought to consider. As CNA you have the opportunity to meet your personal job fulfillment needs on many levels, professionally, intellectually and emotionally.

A CNA is a Certified Nursing Assistant.  CNAs are the major action unit of the nursing team.  They are the care providers which work the closest with patients. Because of this, CNAs have the greatest opportunity to discover information about the patients which can be crucial in determining the best course of action regarding their care.  The CNA works directly beneath an LPN or RN from whom orders are received, usually at the beginning of each shift.why become a CNA

If you become a CNA you will have the opportunity to make a real difference in the life of a person suffering from an illness, disease or disability.  This impact alone is the motivation for many people to become a CNA, and is why many people make being a CNA their long term career.  Also, as a CNA you develop many interpersonal skills which help you increase your efficiency in communicating, displaying empathy, and problem solving.   These skills have positive impacts on daily life within and without the workplace.

Obtaining a CNA requires passing a special class which includes clinical experience and taking a certification test administered according to the standards of your state government.  The class usually runs about two days a week for a month and a half to two months.  Job availability is high for CNAs and many people obtain work immediately after passing the state exam.  Also, employers will often reimburse the cost of the state test and at times the cost of the entire course.  Other benefits of being a CNA include a broad opportunity for advancement and the access to free continuing education.  Because being a CNA is the first step to obtaining a LPN or RN license, it is easy for busy people to work full time and take additional courses toward becoming a nurse. If you are planning on becoming a nurse, working as a CNA looks great on a resume.  It shows your prospective employer that you understand the components of the nursing team and that you have exceptional skills in team work and interpersonal communication.  If you do not have goals of becoming a nurse, CNAs can still further their education through free continuing education classes offered though their employer.  In addition to all this, CNAs are needed in many aspects of the health care field making it easier to find a job which suits your lifestyle and matches your personality.

Expert Contribution by: Heather Martens CNA
Heather has been working as a CNA for over five years, she is currently a full time nursing student and plans to graduate as a Registered Nurse in the year 2012.

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