Paid CNA Training

Paid CNA training can mean one of two things. It can refer to certified nursing assistant courses that you must pay for rather than receiving for free.  The term paid CNA training, can also refer to the opportunity to get paid while you are training to become a nursing assistant. Paid Courses If you are […]

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Getting Your CNA License

Before you can work as a certified nursing assistant in any setting, you will need to complete CNA licensing.  There are several steps to this process.  In most cases it will take you a few weeks to a few months to become a certified nursing assistant. The exact requirements for licensing are set forth by […]

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Taking The CNA Skills Test

The CNA skills test is the second portion of your certification exam. You need to pass this part of the test (as well as the first) in order to become a certified nursing assistant.  During your CNA training course you will have a great deal of skills training.  You will also have some hands on […]

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What You Learn In A CNA Class

You have decided to start a new career as a certified nursing assistant.  Now are you wondering what you learn in a CNA class.  You will need to enroll in a CNA class to provide you with the education you need to successfully pass the certification exam for certified nursing assistants. There will be several […]

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Duties Of A CNA

There are many potential duties of a CNA.  If you are considering a career as a certified nursing assistant, you will want to educate yourself on which sort of duties a CNA will perform. As a nursing assistant you will work as part of a healthcare team to provide care for patients who are sick […]

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How Much Does A CNA Make

You might be wondering how much a CNA makes if you are planning to start a career as one.  You probably need to consider your earning potential before deciding for certain if you want to pursue a career as a nursing aide. Most nursing assistants start out at an hourly wage of about $10 per […]

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Do Your CNA Classes Online

Are you considering starting your career in the healthcare field?  Consider Taking Online CNA Classes. Perhaps you want a job working in healthcare but are not yet ready to attend college to become a nurse or another healthcare provider.  You might want to consider starting out as a CNA.  A certified nursing assistant job provides […]

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Red Cross CNA Training

If you are considering a career as a CNA, you should consider attending training through the American Red Cross. There are CNA training classes through the Red Cross in 36 cities throughout the United States.  You will benefit from a training course with a solid reputation that will prepare you will for a career as […]

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CNA Training Classes

If you want to become a certified nursing assistant, you will need to take CNA training classes in order to prepare you for the certification exam.  There are a variety of basic skills you will learn in a CNA training class.  Many courses take up to six weeks to complete depending upon the number of […]

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