Duties: Assisted Living Community CNA (ALC)

Sometimes an elderly person is in relatively good health but is not able to live entirely on their own.  If the individual is able to be relatively self-sufficient, they often opt to live in an assisted living community.  Assisted living communities are sometimes part of a continuing care community and  some are an independent facility.  You can sometimes find employment as a certified nursing assistant when working in an assisted living community.

Most individuals in an assistive living community can complete tasks of daily living with a little help.  Many residents in an Assistant Living Community do not have much trouble grooming or dressing.  You will assist residents with grooming and dressing if they have some health problems that make it difficult for them to completely dress on their own.  Some individuals in these communities will need some health with bathing.  Again this is often due to some medical conditions or balance problems.

If you work as a certified nursing assistant in an ALC, part of your job description could be to help a resident keep their room neat and clean.  Even if there is a separate cleaning staff, you might be asked to perform some light household duties in the rooms of residents.  You can pick up anything on the floor that could pose a safety risk to a patient.  You can remove food that is spoiling and even do some general dusting.  It might also be your job to make beds for residents or at least to help them make their bed.

You will do charting as a certified nursing assistant in most assisted living communities.  You will monitor and record any vital signs and factors as requested by your employer.  Many facilities will ask you to write down the resident’s activities throughout the day.  Your charting can help the medical staff assigned to the ALC, to determine if anyone might be having health problems.

Most residents in assistive living communities will also have call bells.  They can call on you when they need help.  You will answer call bells as you are able to do so.  You should always respond as quickly as you can and do whatever you can (within your job description) to help the resident.  They might simply need help with one of their tasks, the temperature adjusted in their room or even a drink.

You can help residents in an ALC, to go from their room to other areas of the building.  They might need to be pushed in a wheelchair or to have you walk with them while they go to the Community Room for activities.  You will help residents to move to and from the dining room for meals.  Sometimes it will be your job to take residents outside for some time in the outdoors.

When working at an assisted living community, you will do what you can to help residents make their room or apartment a home.  You will be there to assist them with activities as needed.  Otherwise, you will help to keep a patient safe and happy while they are at the community.

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