Duties: Travelling CNA

You can work as a travelling CNA if you do not mind travelling around your local cities for your work.  If you are a travelling CNA, you will go to the client’s home to work with them.  You might have more than one client in a day.  Some travelling nurses travel between different nursing care facilities rather than a patient’s home.  As a travelling CNA, you will have many duties and responsibilities.

Your job as a CNA will involve some travel.  You will go from your home to the homes of your clients or to the various healthcare facilities where you have clients.  Of course, you might also be traveling between more than one client each day or week.  There will be times you must go to your home base (such as the home healthcare agency) for meetings and to submit paperwork.

Each day you, you will travel to visit your client.  You will provide your care services for them throughout the day.  You will assist clients with their activities of daily living.  Your job description might include providing companionship for your clients.  Additionally, you might be asked to complete some light household duty.

When working as a travelling CNA, you might be asked to attend hospital appointments with your client.  You will often be asked to accompany them to physical therapy or occupational therapy if they are in any such programs.  There might even be times when you go with a client to help them shop for things they need, to go for groceries or even to go for a haircut.

You can help to monitor a client’s health when you are a travelling nurse.  You will monitor vital signs.  There will often be paperwork that you complete each day writing down what activities your client completed during the day.  The papers will often require you to write down what your client eats and drinks throughout the day.  The exact information that you must record will depend on their health conditions.

As a travelling CNA, you will be able to help clients from various walks of life.  Some of your clients might be terminally ill.  Some will be young clients who have chronic or even life-long health problems.  You will sometimes have clients who are elderly but who are still living in their own home or living with family members rather than living in a long-term care facility.

Most travelling nurses will have days where they work under the direction of a professional nurse.  The nurse will come to view you working with a client.  They will provide you with any advice or insights you need.  They will provide you with an evaluation of your work.

You might be asked to attend seminars to provide you with additional training.  Certified nursing assistants often need to complete continuing education credits each year.  This continuing education helps to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to continue providing the best care for your patients.

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