Duties: Home health CNA

You will have a lot of duties and responsibilities if you are a CNA working for a home health agency.  If you work for a home heath agency, you might be assigned to just one client each day.  In other cases, you might visit more than one client.  Either way, you will be providing care services for individuals who have disabilities or illnesses that result in them needing help with activities of daily living.  Your exact duties will vary depending on how many assistive services your clients need.

You might very well monitor vital signs for your clients.  If they are ill, you might be asked to keep tract of their temperatures.  You will record blood pressure and pulse readings for many of your clients.  It might even be your job to help some patients take their blood glucose readings if they are diabetic.  These are not the only things you will be documenting in patient’s chart.

Most home health aides are expected to keep careful notes of a patient’s condition and care each day.  You will record what tasks and activities you complete for a client as well as any activities for which you assist your clients.  It might be necessary to write down what your client is eating and drinking throughout the day (and how much).  Depending on a patient’s condition, you might be asked to record how many times they use the bathroom or how many times you must change your client throughout the day.

If your client is self-sufficient, your job will be to help your client to safely complete their daily tasks.  You will assist them with grooming, dressing and eating if necessary.  You might oversee your patient’s range of motion exercises or perform range of motion exercises for those who are not able to be mobile on their own.  Throughout the day you might help your client to move about the house and even to get outside for some fresh air.  Home Health nursing assistants often provide some companionship for their clients as well.

Your client might need further services if they are not able to complete activities of daily living on their own.  There will be some clients who you will need to change their adult diapers during the day.  Some clients will need you to bathe, groom and dress them.  You might very well have a patient for whom you need to feed and providing hydration to throughout the day.

If you have a patient who is not mobile on their own, you might need to move them between a bed and a wheelchair throughout the day.  Patients who are confined to a bed will need to be rotated in their bed.  You will help to prevent the formation of bed sores for these patients.

You will have a lot of tasks and duties if you work as a home health nurse.  You will do your part to keep your clients comfortable and safe throughout the day.

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