CNA Certification in Maine

Maine requires more extensive training hours for CNA training than the 75 hours required by federal legislation.  Before you can take the nursing assistant certification exam in Maine, you will need to complete 180 hours of training.  You will have classroom instruction, lab studies and clinical training.  Certified Nursing Assistant training programs will prepare you well for your career.  It is necessary for you to attend a training program that has been approved by the state of Maine if you want to start a career as a certified nursing assistant.  The course will need to be completed in its entirety and the subsequent nursing assistant certification will need to be passed before you can work as a nursing assistant.

Transferring Certification through Reciprocity in Maine

You might be able to receive CNA certification in Maine through reciprocity if you hold an active certification in another state. You will need to contact the Department of Health and Human Services in Maine or visit their website at: to obtain to correct form for transferring your CNA certification. Once the department has received all completed documents, your application will be reviewed to determine if you qualify for reciprocity. If your state required less extensive training to become a certified nursing assistant than the state of Maine, there will be a bridge exam that you must pass before being granted your nursing assistant certification in Maine.

Steps to transfer your certification:

1)   Download and complete the Application for CNA Trained Out-of-State at:

2)   Submit the following documents along with your completed application.

  • Documentation verifying completion of your approved CNA training program.
  • Copy of the Certificate of Training or similar document that identifies the dates of your training and the number of classroom and clinical hours of training you completed
  • Copy of your passing score on the CNA competency evaluation test
  • Copy of documentation of passing the ninth grade of school.
  • Copy of social security card
  • Copy of driver’s license
  • Letter from employers verifying that you have worked a minimum of 32 hours per week for 3 out of the past 5 years

You must be in good standing with the Nursing Aide Registry from your former state.

Renewing Your CNA Certification in Maine

Every two years, you will need to renew your CNA license in Maine. You can expect to receive recertification paperwork 30 to 60 days before your certification is set to expire. Complete all sections of the forms and remit to the address provided to you. You must work at least 8 hours for pay in a nursing assistant position during the two-year period if you want to qualify for recertification. If you are employed by a nursing facility, you are required to provide documentation of completed in-service education with your renewal paperwork.

There are things you can do to renew your certification as a nursing assistant if it has expired. The first thing you will need to do is contact the Nursing Assistant Registry. They will be able to provide you with instructions for renewing your certification and will determine if you need to take any training or testing again. You may also visit the Department of Health and Human Services at: to determine what is needed to renew your expired certification.

During the course of your career as a certified nursing assistant, you will be required to complete additional training each year. You will need to be well-informed of the current updates in order to perform the best care possible as a certified nursing assistant. It is important to make certain you are completing all requirements to retain an active certification.

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  1. Kelly Spencer June 13, 2011 at 1:47 pm #

    I need my certification updated and renewed please!

  2. Amanda September 5, 2011 at 10:50 pm #

    Hi,I currently like in Colorado and have only did the 75 hours of training.Ive been working for 3 years now,and Im looking to move to Maine.Would I really need to retest if Ive been working as a CNA for that long?

    • Admin October 5, 2011 at 4:12 pm #

      If you’ve worked and had a valid license, you should be able to transfer your license to Maine by using the reciprocity form.

  3. Wendy October 5, 2012 at 12:48 am #

    I haven’t worked outside my home as a CNA in 18 years. I have been home caring for my son who is severally disabled. I am now looking into becoming a CNA again. Will I need to take the training again or can I just take the test to renew my certification? Even though I have not worked outside my home I have cared for my sons many medical needs 24 hours a day for the last 18 years.

  4. Samantha June 17, 2013 at 1:41 am #

    I need to know if I can still get my certification renewed even though its been almost two years since I got it but I have not worked. Is it still possible for me to get it renewed?

  5. Amanda August 15, 2014 at 2:36 pm #

    I am going to e taking my recert test soon I was just wondering is there a website that can help with the written test portion as far as a study guide?

    • Admin August 15, 2014 at 5:03 pm #

      We have a study guide for the written test. You can click on the link for it in the navigation bar at the top of this page. (CNA Exam Help)

  6. Linda September 3, 2022 at 10:36 am #

    Hello I have been a CNA since 2009, I am licensed in Arkansas and in Missouri. I have taken a job in Portland Maine and I am due to start on the 26th of September. I am trying to transfer over but I do not have the test scores from the company that did my tests both written and clinical. Trying to get them is being a bit more challenging than I expected since they have told me they no longer have it on file. I have copies of both my certificates for Arkansas and Missouri. I’m sorry but I am at a loss on what to do can you please help me?

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