CNA Certification in Wyoming

You might be considering training to become a nursing assistant if you are looking to start an entry-level healthcare career.  You can receive a decent rate of pay when working as a certified nursing assistant. This job will not always be the most glamorous but it will be rewarding because you will be able to assistant patients in healthcare settings on a daily basis.

Training Hours and Requirements

The State Board of Nursing in Wyoming sets the criteria and standards for nursing assistant certification training programs and nursing assistant certification examinations.  You cannot become a nursing assistant who is certified if you do not attend a program that has been approved by the state.  There are various training courses in Wyoming.

Nursing assistant training courses in the state of Wyoming will be at least 120 hours.  There will be some programs that offer even more extensive training.  Training programs for prospective certified nursing assistants in include both classroom and practical instruction.  The training courses will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to work well as a certified nursing assistant.

In order to be eligible to receive your nursing assistant certification, you cannot have a criminal record with any serious or violent charges.  You will need to agree to submit to a background test.  You will need to sit for and pass all sections of the nursing assistant certification.

Transfer CNA Certification to Wyoming Through Endorsement

If you are already certified as a nursing assistant in another state, you might be able to transfer your certification to the state of Wyoming in order to be employed. You will need to contact the State Board of Nursing to gather an application for endorsement. This application will need to be completed in its entirety. You should contact the board if you have any questions.

You should be eligible for certification through endorsement if your nursing assistant certification is still active. You cannot have any felonies on your criminal report and cannot have any complaints of abuse filed against you by previous patients. It will also be necessary to provide details on the training you received in your former state.

The steps involved are as follows:

  1. You must obtain your certification within four months of moving to Wyoming.
  2. Visit the Board of Nursing website and obtain the application for certification through endorsement at:
  3. Prepare a copy of your social security card and another form of identification (driver’s license, passport, etc) to submit with your application.
  4. You will need to provide a Self Inquiry report from the Healthcare Integrity and Protection Data Base. This form and instructions can be accessed at This form will need to be notarized and sent to the address provided. The form will be processed and you can visit the website to print the report and mail along with your application for endorsement.
  5. Complete the application for endorsement in its entirety. Carefully read all instructions while completing your application.
  6. Fill out the Verification of Certification form and submit this form to the state where you hold a Nursing Assistant Certification. They will verify your certification and send it to the Wyoming Nursing Board.
  7. Submit the application and all requested paperwork to the Board of Nursing. You will also need to submit the $60 certification fee and the $60 criminal background check fee.
  8. Submit all requested documents and fees to:

WyomingState Board of Nursing
1810 Pioneer Avenue
Cheyenne, WY82002

9.  Once your application and fees are received, you will be sent fingerprint cards. You will need to be fingerprinted and then return them to the Wisconsin State Board of Nursing.

CNA License Renewal in Wyoming

Your CNA certification will need to be renewed every 2 years. You will receive your renewal notice in the mail a few months prior to the expiration date of your certificate. In order to qualify for renewal you will have had to have been employed as a CNA for 16 hours during the 24 month certification period. You are also required to have completed 24 in-service education hours in order to renew your nursing assistant certification.

The form will have a section that needs to be completed by your employer. The rest of the form will be completed by you. Do not forget to send in any required fees and documentation to renew your license and continue working as a certified nursing assistant.

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  1. Karen Baker December 19, 2012 at 10:21 pm #

    I leet my CNA license expire. Do I need to retake the class or what is the process of obtaining a current one.

  2. michelle December 14, 2013 at 5:36 am #

    In Colorado, depends how long ago it expired.
    Usually, within year, you just pay more for recertification.

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