CNA Certification in New Hampshire

A career as a certified nursing assistant might be a good choice for you if you want to make a difference in the lives of patients in nursing care facilities and other healthcare facilities without needing to invest a lot of time and money on your education.  Many individuals use a job as a certified nursing assistant as a starting point for a bigger career in the healthcare industry.

Training Courses and Requirements

You will need to attend a training program that has been certified by the state In order to start on the path to working as a certified nursing assistant in New Hampshire.  A nursing assistant in New Hampshire might also be referred to as a licensed nursing assistant.  Training programs can be found at long-term care facilities and other nursing care facilities.  They are also found at some community colleges, high schools and other schools of higher education.

A training program must have at least 75 hours of total instruction to quality you to become a certified nursing assistant.  There are some programs that will have more than the minimum required hours.  Some of your time will be spent learning in a classroom and some of your time will be spent with hands on learning in a clinical setting.  You will be able to sit for the nursing assistant competency exam for certification after completing a course.

Certification Renewal

It will be necessary to renew your nursing assistant certification every two years when you are practicing in New Hampshire. During the 2 year period, you will need to have worked 200 hours as a nursing assistant or providing nursing related duties under the supervision of an APRN, RN or LPN. You are also required to complete 12 continuing education (CE) hours per year for a total of 24 CE hours within the 2 year certification period. Your certification must be in good standing and you must not have any complaints against you from patients or employers.

Forms will be sent to you a couple months before your renewal is due. All aspects of the form must be completed along with any necessary documents and fees. You are also able to renew your certification online at:

You will need to contact the New Hampshire Board of Nursing at 602-271-6282 or visit their website at: if you have not been employed over last two years and wish to become active again on the Registry. You will need to complete the required forms and submit all requested documents as instructed by the Board of Nursing.

Transfer of Certification

New Hampshire is one of the states that will allow you to apply to transfer an active nursing assistant from another state. You will have had to have worked a minimum of 200 hours as a nursing assistant or provided nursing related duties under the supervision of an APRN, RN or LPN to qualify for endorsement.

Forms can be obtained by contacting the New Hampshire Board of Nursing or by visiting their website at: Follow all instructions on the form in order to apply for endorsement so you can begin working as a certified nursing assistant.

Steps for Transfer

I. Download instructions and form at the New Hampshire Board of Nursing website at:

2. Complete the checklist section III and submit it along with all requested documents with the Application for New Hampshire Nursing Assistant License by Endorsement.

3. Be sure to complete the criminal background form found within the application packet you downloaded. You are required to complete the new FBI fingerprint and New Hampshire background check requirements. You will also have to pay all applicable fees. This information can be found at:

Your criminal record report will be processed and sent directly to the Board of Nursing. The NH Board of Nursing will not process your application until they have received and reviewed your criminal record report.

4.  Attach a copy of your nursing assistant license or certification from your former state.

5. Complete the Request for Verification of Nursing Assistant License form and send it to all states where you hold a CNA certification, license or registration with. They will complete their required section and forward it to the state of New Hampshire.

5. Complete and attach the Contact Hour Documentation form. You are required to have completed 12 continuing education (CE) hours per year for a total of 24 CE hours prior to filling out this endorsement form.

6. Sign and date your application where indicated.

7. Include a check or money order made payable to the Treasurer, State of New Hampshire in the amount of $35.

8. Submit all required documents along with the completed Application for New Hampshire Nursing Assistant License by Endorsement to:

State of New Hampshire Board of Nursing- 21 S. Fruit Street, Ste. 16-Concord, NH03301-2431

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  1. Sarah Patuleia November 30, 2022 at 2:01 pm #

    I am interested in taking the test to receive my CNA license here in NH as I put myself through the training courses for my CNA/HHA, Alzheimer’s Care, CPR/First Aid, Nutrition, and a couple more. The program I was enrolled in is Life Streams of New Bedford in New Bedford, MA I completed my training with 100% but did not have the required identification with me the day of the test and did not get to take the test and receive my actual license for CNA. I have however worked in both Massachusetts and NH as a Home Healthcare worker and a DSP worker over the years since. I would love the chance to take the test for my license in NH, please let me know what the steps are I would have to take in doing this.

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