CNA Certification in Massachusetts

You can start a career working as a certified nursing assistant in the state of Massachusetts through training or an application for reciprocity.  Certified nursing assistants work in nursing care facilities and other healthcare facilities.  They can earn as much as $15 per hour.  Some nursing assistants earn more depending on their skills, years on the job and location where they work.

Training Requirements

You cannot sit for the nursing assistant certification without enrolling in and completing a nursing assistant certification course.  A training program must be approved by the Office of Health and Human Services.  If it is not, then completion of the course will not qualify you to sit for the nursing assistant certification exam.

Training courses for CNAs in Massachusetts must be at least seventy-five hours.  If the training courses do not reach 75 hours, then you will not be meeting state or federal regulations.  Nursing assistant training programs provide you with the information you need to take both the written and skills portions of the certification exam.  They also help you develop the skills you need to work as a nursing assistant.

Transfer CNA License to Massachusetts Via Nursing Assistant Reciprocity

It is often possible to transfer your nursing assistant certification from your former state to the state of Massachusetts. This can be done by applying for reciprocity. If you are approved for reciprocity, the state of Massachusetts will waive any training requirements. You can obtain an application for reciprocity and learn more about the process by contacting the American Red Cross Massachusetts Nurse Aide Program at 1-800-962-4337 or visiting their website at:

It will be necessary to provide proof that you are currently certified as a nursing assistant from your former state. You will also need to provide proof that you are still listed in active and good standing on the Nursing Aide Registry in the state from which you hold your certification.

Steps For Transfer

  1. Download the reciprocity application at:
  2. Download the Application Instruction page at:
  3. Carefully read the instructions and review all information that must be provided on the application.
  4. Complete the section of the form that details your certification in your former state.
  5. Mail that section of the form to the state CNA registry where you currently have a certification. The phone number to contact your state registry is listed on the Application Instruction page.
  6. Wait to receive the verification back from your former state. This letter will be mailed back to you with your reciprocity application as long as you are listed in good standing with your former state.
  7. Submit all documents to:

ARC/Massachusetts Nurse Aide Program- Reciprocity Program-143 Main Street

Cambridge, Massachusetts02142-1530.

CNA License Renewal in Massachusetts

It is necessary to renew your nursing certification every 24 months. This can be done by completing the renewal form that you will receive in the mail prior to your license expiring. In order to renew you certification, you are required to work for pay as a nursing assistant for a minimum of 8 consecutive hours performing nurse related duties as listed on the renewal form. The form and instructions for renewal can be found at:

You will need to be in good standing on the Nursing Assistant Registry in order renew your license. Be certain to complete all sections and have your employer date and sign the renewal form. Send your completed form to: American Red Cross Testing Office- Renewal Program-143 Main Street- Cambridge, MA 02142-1530.

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  1. Luis Ayala October 24, 2011 at 4:31 pm #

    IM in need of a new cna certificate from american red cross i did my training in october 19 2000 in lowell mass 01850 wheres the address where i sent the money order too and how much does it cost. i also need my cna license again . i lost all my documents and i need them again to start working. this is my new address (Hidden) its no longer (Hidden). been living in that shelter since april 21 2011. any questions or cocerns please leave me a message with one of the workers their at (hidden) they always give me the messages. yours respectfully luis . i just need pricest and a address thats all. i already applied to genesis healthcare in andover mass and anna jaques hospital in newburyport mass if i get an interview im going to need the documents.

  2. michael February 12, 2013 at 5:04 pm #

    What or who do I call if I want to renew my CNA licence? I’m confused

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