CNA Certification in Rhode Island

If you have decided that you want to become a certified nursing assistant in the state of Rhode Island, you will want to know how to become a CNA.  You will need to have a good work history and have a criminal record clear of felonies and serious crimes.  It will be necessary to attend a training program and then to take the subsequent nursing assistant certification test.

CNA Training Hours and Requirements

You will need to find a training program that has been approved by the Department of State.  These training programs will offer at least 100 hours of study.  Some of the programs will include even more hours.  Prospective Nursing Assistants will need to spend 20 hours or more in a clinical setting.  The other hours will be spent in classroom and lab training.  Training programs will have a curriculum that will prepare you well for your certification exam and for a career as a nursing assistant.

Training courses will cover a range of topics.  You will learn about some basic nursing care services.  The course will teach you how to protect a patient’s privacy and rights.  You will learn how to prevent the spread of infections.  Nursing assistant training programs help you to l earn to communicate well with patients and coworkers.  You will learn to develop your nursing assistant skills in order to provide effective and safe care.

Transfer Your CNA Certification To Rhode Island

You can apply to have your nursing assistant certification transferred from another State to Rhode Island as long as your certification is active and in good standing. You can obtain an application for reciprocity through the Rhode Island Department of Health at:

Complete the application for endorsement in its entirety and submit it for review to determine if you are eligible to be placed on the Nursing Aide Registry in Rhode Island.

If you completed a training program that spanned at least 100 hours in another state, you might be eligible to waive training in Rhode Island. The same is often true if you are a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse or if you have completed a nursing degree at an accredited university.

Steps to Transfer your Certification:

  1. Download the application form along with instructions at:
  2. Submit a copy of your Nursing Assistant Training Program Certificate that consisted of at least 100 hours of study. If your program was less than 100 hours you must show evidence of 3 months of full-time employment as a nursing assistant. You will need to complete the top portion of the Nursing Assistant Verification Employment form and send the form to your employer. Your employer will submit the form directly to the Rhode Island Department of Health.
  3. The form will require details and documentation about the training you received to become a nursing assistant in the other state as well as your certification details. You will also need to provide information about your previous employment history as a nursing assistant. This can be accomplished by filling out the interstate verification form (part of the above form) as well as the employer history form (also part of the above form).
  4. You will need to have an original BCI check from the RI Attorney Generals Office. If positive, reasons in writing will need to be attached to the form.
  5. Finally, your application needs to be notarized.
  6. Along with the above, you will need to provide a passport size photo (2x3inches) which has been taken in the recent year.
  7. Submit your application and any requested fees to the Nursing Aide Registry located in Rhode Island. The payment of $40 for the application needs to be paid out to the RI general treasurer.
I Pearson Vue – Nurse Aide Registry
RI Department of Health Professionals
3 Capitol Hill, Room 105
Providence, Rl 02908-5097

CNA Certification Renewal

It is necessary to renew your certification every twenty-four months so that you can stay employed as a certified nursing assistant. You should receive your renewal paperwork about 60 days prior to your certification expiration date. You will be required to have your employer verify your work history during the 24 month certification period. If you did not work in a licensed Rhode Island health care facility, you will not be able to renew your certification. Submit the renewal form and any necessary documents and fees before your certification is set to expire.

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