CNA Certification in Minnesota

Congratulations if you have made the choice to start on the path to become a certified nursing assistant.  Working as a CNA is most definitely a good starting point if you want a career in the medical field.  You can start the process to become a certified nursing assistant by attending a training course.

Training Requirements

Training programs for nursing assistants provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to be successful as a CNA.  You will learn how to perform the duties of a nursing assistant.  The course will teach you how to perform these duties in a way that is safe for your patients and for you.  You will learn how to communicate and interact well with patients as well as coworkers.

The training programs will include classroom instruction and some lab work.  You will receive hands on training during the clinical portion of your course.  Training programs in Minnesota must meet the federal minimum of 75 training hours.  You will find that some programs especially those offered at community colleges will offer even more total hours of training.

CNA Certification Renewal in Minnesota

Nursing assistant certification will be renewed every two years when working in the state of Minnesota. You need to have worked for pay in your field for a minimum of 8 hours if you want to be able to renew your certification. The certification exam will need to be taken again if you have not met the minimum required hours of work.

Complete your renewal forms carefully to ensure that there is no delay when renewing your certification. If you are NOT working at a nursing home or certified home health agency, you must attach a copy of your job description from your employer. Once your renewal form and requested documents are submitted, you need to allow at least 30 business days for processing.

You may also find information on the renewal process at:

Transfer of CNA Certification to Minnesota

You might very well be able to transfer your nursing assistant certification from another state to Minnesota. If you want to do so, you will need to fill out an Interstate Endorsement Application. The necessary forms can be obtained through the Minnesota Department of Health at: You will need to complete the forms and submit any verification paperwork in order to apply for endorsement.

Your application will be carefully reviewed to determine if you qualify to be certified as a nursing assistant in Minnesota without completing Minnesota’s training requirements. Of course you will need to have a criminal record clear of any felonies and have a clean record as a nursing assistant in the former state to be eligible to transfer your certification to Minnesota.

The procedure is as follows:

1. Contact the nurse aide registry in your state of certification so that you can make certain your certification is still active. Otherwise, you will need to take steps to renew your nursing assistant certification before it can be transferred.
2. Obtain the form for CNA endorsement by visiting:
3. Complete section A-1 of the application by providing answers to all questions.
4. Send section A-1 and A-2 to your former state Nurse Aide Registry. See the list of Nurse Aide Registries attached to your application. They will need to complete Section A-2 and forward it to the Nursing Aide Registry in Minnesota. Please note that if the state from which you are trying to transfer a certification is California, North Carolina. Colorado, Illinois or Missouri, you will need to send the forms to the Minnesota Nursing Aide Registry rather than the state where you were certified.
5. Complete Section B-1 of the application which will pertain to your last or current employer as a CNA in the other state.
6. Submit Section B-1 and B-2 to that employer. They will enter all information in B-2 and forward the details to the Minnesota Nurse Aide Registry.
7. Wait for notification from the Nursing Aide Registry in Minnesota about the status of your application.

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